Plasma, LCD or LED?

Good question and one that's surrounded by mystery (will my plasma need re-gassed etc...) Google the question and you'll find out more info than we could ever put here...or call us for advice.

    Plasterboard wall?

Yes, around 80% of the installations we do are on stud partition walls. With the right bracket and fixing's there's no limit on screen size.

    Above a fireplace?

If there's a mantlepiece to deflect the heat yes, otherwise it's best to send a picture or arrange a survey by calling the phone number listed below.

    Sky installation?

Yes if we're doing it as part of a bigger job. Sky run cables using the quickest, most hastle free route available (not always pretty but free). We can do it more discretly, click here for information.

    Bracket & cables?

Are included, if you require a non-standard bracket (cantilever etc..) or special interconnect cables we can supply these at a discounted rate as part of the installation. If you already have them we will adjust the price accordingly.

    Move existing service cables?

Cables on one wall TV on another! We can move them if required, the cost of this is dependent on the type of route taken and the distance.

    Before or after I decorate?

Before is the best option, TV can be lifted off and easily put back in place when decorating is complete.

    HD ready?

Make sure you are, Any installation where the cables are to be concealed in the wall should have at least two HDMI cables, even if you don't have any HD source right now. All new AV equipment comes with this output as standard.

    How long does TV install take?

As a guide 3-4 hr's if cabling to be concealed but it can take longer.

    How soon can you do it?

Usally 2-3 buisness day's, if it's urgent we will squeeze you in so call us!

    More information?

Call us on the phone number listed below.