HD Distribution System

    How it works...


Integrated home distribution systems (normally located in a cupboard) combine all HD video sources (Sky, Blu-Ray, Apple TV, Games Consoles etc...) in one central location. Video is distributed via Cat 6 data cable enabling all TV locations in the house to access the connected devices in full HD. For example if you have two Sky boxes a PS4 and Blu-ray player they can be used on any HD TV that is wired back to the system.
This not only makes full use of your Sky TV subscription but enables you to start watching a program or playing a game in one room then pause and continue eleswhere.


Each room can incorporate audio (typically Sonos) with discreet ceiling mounted speakers, this can include outdoor spaces. Rooms would function independently or linked together in "party" mode when required, your music library on demand controlled with your ipad or smartphone.

    Surround Sound

The main media or cinema room can be wired for 5:1 audio all fully controlled via the system AV amplifier, again with full access to your HD devices and not a cable in sight.


All smart TV's, Sky HD boxes and internet connected devices like Apple TV are hardwired to the system ethernet hub freeing up the wi-fi signal for ipads and mobile devices.

Your house will be transformed, all AV equipment is now neatly concealed in a central location for the whole family to access and enjoy. No more equipment and furniture under the TV etc...taking up space and gathering dust.

    Additional info...

Although the diagram above shows multiple zones one of the most popular installation options is for the living/main TV room only.

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